GMG Lablib 2.3

Cocoa and OpenGL function library used for data acquistion, visual stimulation, and behavioral control on OS X. Updated with XCode 2.4. A forked version of Maunsell's Lablib that includes numerous data acquisition, on-line display, and visual stimuli enhancements, including support for Instrutech, Photometrics CCD cameras, HID devices, and bTop2 data devices.

GMG Experiment

A demo program using GMGLablib that serves as a template for all programs in the lab. Include form utilities for unifying GUI and event stream. Updated with XCode 2.4. Already included in GMGLablib230. No need to download if you have GMGLablib2.3.

LocationChanger 1.3

Automatically changes numerous settings in OS X based on location. Can reconfigure Mail, iChat, Volume, Printer, Privoxy, NFS, SMB, Skype and all proxy settings based on detected network environment.

Orientation discrimination trial with distractors

An example of the stimuli used in the perceptual learning study of V1 and V2.

Motion pulse stimulus

The stimulus used for studying the dynamics of motion perception.

Functional organization for color in areas V2 and V4

A movie showing the time course of color specific activation in areas V2 (right) and V4 (left).

QuickTime VR of 0.75 mm anatomical monkey scan(left).
Behavior reverse correlation showing perceptual kernel underlying motion pulse detection(left).