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Introduction and Objectives

Credits: 3 credits (A/F only)
Prerequisites: NSci 3101 or instructor permission
Time:  MWF, 3:35pm-4:25pm,  Spring Semester 2013
Place:  Lectures: Moos 2-520 (Mon, Wed)
                  Discussions: assigned in class on March 1

Instructors  Phone E-mail Office
Dr. Geoffrey Ghose
Course Director
625-8362 1-211F CMRR
Dr. Martha Flanders 624-6601 3-125A Jackson
Dr. Mark Thomas 624-7910
TAs  Phone E-mail Office
Emily Leathley  
Vivek Nagaraj  
Marc Pisansky  
Diana Wallin  

Office  Hours:  Instructors will be available immediately after class and by appointment.

Text Book:  Neuroscience, Dale Purves, et al, Fifth Edition. (This is the same book used for NSci 3101.)  NScil 3102W course packet must be purchased in the Coffman Bookstore.

Course Description:  We will focus on the organization of the vertebrate central nervous system and study how the brain controls perception and sensorimotor integration.  We will use the same book as for NSci 3101 (Neuroscience, Purves, et al, 5th edition) and supplement it with original research papers.  Exams will be short answer/essay format. This course is writing-intensive and students will be asked to write term papers on topics of their own choosing.  Click here to view term paper instructions.

Grading Policy:  Grades will be based on a straight percentage scale (A 100-93%, A- 92-90%, B+ 89-87%, etc):

    25% - Exam I                                                               (50 pts)

    25% - Exam  II                                                             (50 pts)

    25% - Exam III (during final week but not cumulative)     (50 pts)

    25% -from Discussion Sessions

         7.5% - class participation                                               (15 pts)

         5% - oral presentation                                                (10 pts)

         2.5% - draft of term paper                                             (5 pts)

         10% - final term paper                                                (20 pts)

Students for whom intended: The course is required for CBS students majoring in neuroscience. It is open to all students from CBS and other colleges who have the required prerequisites.

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